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Pivot2Prevention: A Toolbox for School-Based Mental Health

In high-poverty Communities of Color, opportunities for children, youth, and families to easily access consistent, relevant, high-quality, and evidence-based clinical supports are scarce. By leveraging available resources, making smart investments, and working in coordination with community partners, schools and districts are then positioned to deliver comprehensive supports to children, youth, and families.

There is no better time than the present to expand and integrate clinical and evidence-based supports into our public school systems. We encourage communities to use and disseminate the tools that we have developed and, if needed, we also provide coaching and technical assistance to support successful implementation of the tools.

If interested, please contact Rebecca Boxx at rebecca_boxx@cycprovidence.org.


Introductory Webinar


Tools for School Systems

S1 Financing Clinical Services

How many more students could you support by leveraging Medicaid dollars? Develop a picture of how this project could unlock resources for your students

Download S1_Financing_P2P_190902.pdf

S2 System Assessment Guide

Is your district ready to implement school-based mental health? This checklist will guide you through assessing elements already in place and what you still need.

Download S2_System_Assess_P2P_190902.pdf

S3 Current Resources Evaluation

Use this tool to identify the gaps in mental health services at the schoolhouse level to ensure every student is being supported.

Download S3_Resource_Eval_P2P_190925.pdf

S4 Making the Clinical Match

How do you find an external clinical partner, assess their ability to partner and leverage Medicaid? Use this tool to find out.

Download S4_Clinical_Match_P2P_190902.docx

S5 Roles and Responsibilities

Make sure everyone is on the same page with their role in the project—this document outlines best practice roles for schools, partners and intermediaries.

Download S5_Roles_Resp_P2P_190902.docx

S6 Roadmap of Support

Easily explain what the process looks like for an individual student. This infographic illustrates the case of a student who needs school-based mental health supports.

Download S6_Roadmap_P2P_190818.pdf

S7 Frequently Asked Questions

Get your teachers and staff on board with this FAQ sheet designed to answer their most common questions and concerns.

Download S7_FAQs_P2P_190902.docx

S8 Referral Form

An adaptable resource for schools and clinical partners to use at the point of referral.

Download S8_Referral_Form_P2P_190902.docx

S9 Behavioral Telehealth

A guide for school based implementation.

Download CYC Infosheet Telehealth 200601


Tools for Support Teams

T1 Referral Team Training

Dive into the nuts and bolts of an effective school-based referral team with the right people and the right approach to match students to the supports they need.

Download T1_Referral_Team_Training_P2P_190905.pdf

T2 Sample Meeting Agenda

This sample agenda will help your referral team conceptualize how to structure an effective and efficient meeting guided by student data.

Download T2_Mtg_Agenda_P2P_190902.docx

T3 Case Management Student Record

Make sure no student falls through the cracks. Your referring
teams can use this adaptable template to monitor the progress of individual students.

Download T3_Case_Mgmt_Student_Rec_P2P_190902.docx

T4 Referral Tracking Template

This adaptable tracking template will ensure that schools and partners stay on the same page from the point of referral to delivery of services.

Download T4_Referral_Tracking_Template.pdf

T5 Script for Family Outreach

Family buy-in is essential. Ensure that your schools are introducing mental health services in a way that encourages caretakers to opt in to services for their child.

Download T5_Script_Family_Outreach_P2P_190909.docx

Information for Families

F1 FAQs for Families

This family-facing flier will help you explain school-based
mental health services to caretakers and address some of their common questions.

Download F1_FAQs_Families_P2P_190905.docx

F2 Clinician Bio Sheets

Put a face to your mental health provider to make families feel more comfortable. This template will allow you to “introduce” the clinician to families.

Download F2_Clinician_Bio_P2P_190905.docx

Pivot2Prevention materials developed with support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

"Their arc is incredible - to grow out of an idea of the Mayor's office and to become something that is now bringing millions of dollars from the state to Providence to do good work for kids"

— Non-profit Executive